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How Do You Keep Spiders Out of Your House?

Keep spiders out of your house

Spiders are one of the most dreaded pests seen in our homes.Spiders are one of the most dreaded pests seen in our homes.

Spiders are one of the most dreaded pests seen in our homes. Fear of spiders or arachnophobia has been ranked as one of the greatest phobias, along with fear of snakes, heights, and public speaking. However, spiders on a whole aren’t that dangerous. Spiders mainly use their fangs to inject venom into the prey. However, the fangs of more than 3,500 species in the United States are incapable of penetrating the human skin. The only known dangerous variants are the black widow spider and brown recluse spider. Most spider bites only cause redness and itching and may present with mild oozing at the site of the bite.

Still, there are many effective ways to get rid of spiders from your homes. This include:

  • Destroy the spider webs.
  • Squash the spider with a fly swatter, newspaper, or shoe.
  • Vacuum the spider and its web regularly. Ensure you clean your house often to prevent the entry of spiders.
  • Turn the lights off if not necessary because bright lights attract pests and bugs.
  • Seal all the cracks and gaps around windows and doors. Apply weather stripping to any cracks and openings to prevent the entry of spiders.
  • Keep vegetation and mulch at least 6 inches away from the base of the house to forbid the nesting of the spiders.
  • Make sure that tree branches and shrubbery do not touch the house because spiders may use this as runways to enter the house.
  • Sticky traps should be placed indoors wherever the spider travels. Sticky traps are basically adhesive on cardboard.
  • Peppermint oil acts as a natural insecticide. Spiders get repelled due to the strong odor of the peppermint oil. Other essential oils that may be effective in controlling spiders include:
    • Lemon oil
    • Eucalyptus oil
    • Lavender oil
    • Tea tree oil
    • Citronella oil
  • However, be careful while using undiluted essential oils because it may cause unwanted adverse effects. Always spray diluted oils preferably with dishwashing liquid to get rid of spiders.
  • Spread cedar wood chips or blocks in the home to keep spiders away. The scent of cedar repels the spider away.
  • Sprinkle some diatomaceous earth around the areas where you see the bugs or spiders. Diatomaceous earth will slowly dehydrate and eventually kill the spider. Follow the package directions before using it as a pest killer and directly sprinkle it on the spider. Be cautious while handling diatomaceous earth due to its irritant nature.
  • Store firewoods 20 feet away from your home to keep spiders at bay.
  • Clean the clutter because the clutter provides places for spiders to hide. Get rid of things such as stacks of newspapers, magazines, or cardboard.
  • Check for spiders in packages, furniture, or boxes before taking them into your home.
  • Apply pesticides that are safe for domestic use. Always read the instructions before handling the pesticides. Keep insecticides away from kids and pets.
  • Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry. Pests are attracted to areas of moisture, which they need to survive. Using dehumidifiers in basements and garages will help keep these areas dry.

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