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Why Is Birth Control So Bad for You?

Birth control is used all over the world.
Birth control is used all over the world.

Birth control is used all over the world. The main use of birth control is to avoid unplanned pregnancy. Although there are various means of birth control, birth control pills are popular because they have a good success rate and are relatively safe for the majority of the population.

Birth control pills can be harmful for you if you:

Hence, it is advisable not to take birth control pills if you have the above medical conditions.

People taking the following drugs should either avoid birth control pills or use other method of birth control:

In women without any underlying medical conditions, there are certain side effects of birth control pills:

What are the complications associated with birth control pills?

Complications of birth control pills are rare but severe. Birth control pills can increase the risk of certain conditions, which include:

In rare cases, birth control pills can lead to death due to above complications.

What warning signs of birth control pills should I know?

Consult a physician immediately if you experience these symptoms:


Which of the following are methods for contraception?
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Why do I need birth control?

When taken correctly, birth control pills can provide various benefits, including:

As a word of caution, it is always safe to consult your physician or healthcare professional before taking any birth control pill. Birth control pills are mostly safe and do not cause any side effects in most people.

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